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Guard Card - Initial Certification

Guard Card - Initial Certification

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California "Guard Card" Training - The Powers to Arrest Class

Jumpstart Your Security Career!

Course Highlights:

1 Day course - 8 training hours (9:00am - 5:00pm)

Due Now:

Tuition: $97.00

Government Fees:

(Paid upon completion of training)

BSIS Application Fee: $51.00

LIVESCAN Fingerprinting: $21.00

DOJ Background Check: $32.00
FBI Background Check: $19.00


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How to Register - Guard Card

  1. Pick a course date. Scroll to the bottom of this page or see our calendar.
  2. Register for your class.
  3. Complete the Student Registration form.
  4. Contact Us anytime if you have any questions.

For this course you must:

  • Bring a US Government Issued ID Card.
  • Submit Fingerprints via “Livescan”.
  • Have no Criminal Convictions.
  • Be proficient in the English language.
  • Submit your completed registration and have your tuition paid in full at least two days prior to your chosen training date.

Powers to Arrest Course Description:

The State of California requires that all security officers, protective agents and anyone else employed in any capacity related to security and protection to posses a valid Guard Registration Card (Guard Card) issued by the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), Bureau of Security and Investigative Service (BSIS).  BSIS is the State agency that licenses, registers and regulates the security and protective industry in California.  Again, all persons employed in any capacity related to protection and security must possess a valid Guard Card.

Required Training - Eight Hour Powers to Arrest Course:

The Power to Arrest course is an eight hour course of training divided into two sections.  The first four hours are based on the “Power to Arrest” (PTA) Training Manual developed by BSIS.   This course uses lecture, discussion, interactive exercises, self-paced workbook study and a written examination.  The second four hour section is the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (WMD) course based on training videos provided by BSIS.   This course is conducted using video lecture, workbook study and written examination.  The class starts at 9am and is completed at 5pm.  Students must attend the entire course of study.  Anyone arriving late will not be admitted into the classroom.

Academic Standards:

The PTA test consists of a forty-five question OPEN BOOK TEST on which the student must attain a score of 100%.  The WMD test consists of a ten question test on which the student must score 80% or better.

“LIVESCAN” Fingerprinting and Background Check:

All Guard Card applicants are required to submit fingerprints electronically to FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) & DOJ (Department of Justice) via LIVESCAN fingerprinting service. For your convenience, TRG maintains a LIVESCAN machine on-site. BSIS then verifies all applicant statements and conducts a background investigation including criminal convictions and the truthfulness of the application.

Getting Your Guard Card:

Upon successful completion of the required training and obtaining adequate test scores the student is eligible to apply to the State of California for a Guard Card.  By submitting your application online you receive the fastest approval times with the fewest complications.

Guard Cards are issued by BSIS based upon THEIR standards and requirements.  TRG is licensed by the State of California to provide training based on BSIS required curriculum.  TRG DOES NOT ISSUE YOUR GUARD CARD.  TRG does NOT guarantee that your application will be approved by BSIS.

To check the status of your application please see:

Once you receive your Guard Card from BSIS it is valid for a period of two years and allows you to be the employee of by any PPO (what is a PPO?) or proprietary security or protective services provider in the State of California.  YOU MAY NOT ACT AS AN NOT AN INDEPENDENT AGENT or INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR.

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